The purpose of a netFORUM Enterprise System Audit is to precisely determine the difference between the netFORUM baseline and the production version being utilized by the client. The following information will be ascertained by conducting the audit:

  • What part of the system is customized;
  • Whether the customizations have been implemented according to Avectra’s development conventions;
  • What customizations could cause issues with the Avectra upgrade; and,
  • What new baseline features could replace existing customizations.

Ideal candidates for the 20twenty netFORUM Enterprise System Audit are organizations that have had netFORUM for several years, have had consistent issues with the upgrade process or have new leadership in the I.T. Department.

20twenty initiates the audit by first conducting a short interview with the client. Then 20twenty embarks on a technical analysis of the two systems at a detailed level. 20twenty compares the following components:

  • Data Model
  • Meta Data
  • Custom Objects (i.e. .NET/C# extensions)
  • Form substitutions
  • Reports/Stored Procedures

The ultimate goal of the audit is to identify and eliminate issues that prevent the netFORUM system from operating optimally. Another benefit, which in many ways can be just as valuable, is evidence that the system is setup correctly and will not conflict with future Avectra upgrades.