20twenty has experienced netFORUM Pro users on the team and provides consulting and support to both new and existing Pro clients. 20twenty’s goal is to help its clients to effectively utilize the netFORUM Pro system and maximize its investment.

Since the Pro system has limitations on what can be customized, 20twenty provides data conversion, system setup, process flow consulting, documentation, training, system integration, and where allowed, customization services to the system.

While Avectra spends time on the mechanics of how their software works, 20twenty focuses on helping its clients understand its business process in the context of the software and how to implement it in the most efficient fashion. An analogy would be learning to drive, Avectra provides the classroom training about the rules and requirements while 20twenty provides the behind the wheel training.

20twenty takes a consultative approach with the Pro clients understanding that many of them do not have technical staff to support them. 20twenty will happily act as the client’s trusted technical resource when interacting with other third party vendors such as web vendors and integration products.

20twenty will work as an advocate with Avectra to spearhead initiatives and identify and resolve outstanding issues. Having a partner with a longstanding relationship with Avectra can be important during a critical business cycle. 20twenty will also monitor the Avectra news releases and community sites to alert clients to new features, training and activities of special interest to a client.