Certified by Avectra as an Implementation Partner, 20twenty has experienced netFORUM Enterprise resources with a history of successfully implementing and enhancing the solution to meet the customers needs. 20twenty conducts complete netFORUM Enterprise implementations for new customers and also provides one-off services such as customizations, integrations and data conversions for existing customers.  20twenty’s management team is comprised of original founders and clients of Avectra. Deep relationships continue to exist between the two companies that enable 20twenty to stay abreast of all the exciting initiatives and advancements being made by Avectra.

20twenty’s lead developers have been previously engaged by Avectra to help build the netFORUM Enterprise baseline system. This has provided the development team a comprehensive understanding of the entire netFORUM toolset enabling them to fashion creative solutions to customer’s needs and remain forward compatible with Avectra’s upgrade requirements.

20twenty’s project manager and business analysts primarily came from long-time Avectra clients or were past Avectra employees. By employing professionals who have directly experienced the challenges of system implementations, 20twenty brings added value to the process by identifying lessons-learned and best practices throughout the implementation.

New Enterprise Opportunity: Many small to mid-sized organizations historically have not been able to afford netFORUM Enterprise. By partnering with 20twenty for implementation services, and enjoying the significant cost saving associated with the effort, many small to mid-sized organizations find they can afford netFORUM Enterprise.