20twenty Strategic Consulting provides an avenue for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to access solution-development resources, decrease time to generate revenue and simplify solution-development life cycles. Whether it is an extension of a technology team, or a clearly defined development project, 20twenty provides a high quality, low cost alternative to technology initiatives.

20twenty developers are proficient in today’s most popular technology platforms and focus on providing cost effective alternatives that are scalable. The team has experience developing vertical-specific solutions based on specific industry requirements. 20twenty is adept at identifying opportunities to migrate best practices from one industry solution to another.

20twenty specializes in technical development that involves Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, and web and mobile development. 20twenty also has experience developing eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the ISV’s third parties. It is not uncommon for 20twenty to be involved in the full end-to-end planning, architecture, development and documentation of an industry solution.

When an ISV is looking to extend their team, 20twenty offers two options – staff augmentation or managed services. Staff augmentation is essentially a straight addition of a number of 20twenty offshore technology resources to the existing development team. The offshore resources will report to the ISV’s management and will take direction and guidance directly from the ISV. This model works best when the ISV has had significant experience working with distributed development teams.

If the ISV prefers a managed services offering, 20twenty utilizes off shore resources, paired with domestic analysts and management, to provide a superior service. Over years of practical application, the 20twenty management team has crafted the managed services model into a reliable, efficient and cost effective technology delivery capability.

20twenty’s combines offshore engineers, architects, management and quality control (QC) with the appropriate amount of domestic management and analysis to produce a high performing team. Although the team remains highly transparent and focused on the ISV initiative, it requires little management oversight from the ISV.

When an ISV has a specific project initiative, 20twenty enlists a project-based methodology to successfully implement the project. 20twenty employs a modified Rational Unified Process (RUP) to extract specifications, identify deliverables and plan the development. At the start of the project, 20twenty conducts an Analysis and Planning (A&P) phase, which includes the production of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, a Detailed Software Design (DSD) including wireframes and test plans, and the creation of a detailed implementation plan. The outcome of the A&P phase is a full system design and a fixed price for the software development.

No matter what 20twenty service model the ISV selects, 20twenty offers a full warranty on the quality and reliability of the work.

20twenty’s philosophy is simple: to provide excellent development service at better than market rates.

Contact us at solutions@20twentysc.com