20twenty provides comprehensive web-based database solutions that can support multiple online clinical registries, including disease-state, procedural and quality-based registries, with dashboards, reports, ad-hoc queries and integration services.

Specifically, staff and executives of 20twenty has experience providing the following services as it related to building registries:

  • Web-based registry development,
  • HIPAA compliant,
  • Automated, standards-based interfaces to participants’ clinical information systems and claims data,
  • Quality reporting with federal and state organizations,
  • Automated validation rules to ensure data integrity,
  • Customized and standard reports from the data collected,
  • Integrations to other applications and processes to share data,
  • Customized modules to extend the Registry,
  • Extensibility of solution to enable the initiation of a new registry,
  • Documentation and training, and,
  • Software support, system maintenance and upgrades.
20twenty offers a full warranty on the quality and reliability of the customer-specific registry.