20twenty has experienced database architects and developers that can help clients unlock the value and meaning of their data by implementing business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions.

Business intelligence is required in organizations for informed decision making and efficient business management. A powerful BI tool should deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) ad-hoc reporting and rich dashboards.

20twenty has a strategic relationship with DataRPM (www.datarpm.com) and implements the product on their behalf. DataRPM is a Softare-as-a-Service (SaaS) business analytics platform.

Through the implementation of DataRPM, 20twenty unlocks the following capabilities for clients when implementing BI solutions:

  • Reports with support for dynamic drill-downs into any dimension in the data, raw data views and dynamic filters, which makes them highly interactive;
  • Visual dashboards for alerts and trend analysis;
  • Exploratory analysis to review key measures and dimensions on an ad-hoc basis and in real-time;
  • In-place collaboration to facilitate analysis and discussions; and,
  • Mash-up reports from data residing across different locations and different data sources.

Analytics solutions implemented by 20twenty are inherently intuitive, interactive and collaborative. They require limited training and enable end users to do their own ad-hoc analysis at the speed of thought.

Often in collaboration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Association Management System (AMS) implementation, 20twenty can provide relevant and meaningful data to executives of an organization.