20twenty develops and implements software using multiple lifecycle methodologies. In many cases we utilize a derivative of the IBM Unified Rational Process (RUP). 20twenty crafted this methodology in response to the unpredictable and mixed success experienced by clients in the market. At the heart of the 20twenty’s methodologies is transparency and planning. By instituting this model, 20twenty’s projects have been successful, low risk and according to budget.

There are several underlying principals that drive the success of the 20twenty’s approach. These principals are as follows:

  • The full technical design is completed before any development is started and before the customer commits to the budget of the project;
  • Complete test plans are built in conjunction with the technical design and provided to the customer to ensure that 20twenty understands the entire scope of the project and has the tools to effectively test the completed development;
  • Comprehensive documentation is created for the entire project – supporting both the use of the newly developed software as well as future upgrades; and,
  • Detailed timelines are produced that correlate to the requirements and technical solutions.
20twenty typically conducts its projects on a firm fixed price. The first phase includes a discovery process and the development of the requirements and technical specifications, and the second phase includes development, testing and delivery.

In the non-profit market, 20twenty has a unique and productive relationship with Avectra. 20twenty supports Avectra implementations as well as the Avectra’s R&D department with development resources. 20twenty also supports the Avectra Users Group (AUG) and the Avectra Users and Developers Conference (AUDC).

20twenty commits to the success of the customer. Each project, no matter how large or small, is filtered through the 20twenty methodology to ensure consistency, quality and timeliness. Through this methodology, and its relentless commitment to the customer, 20twenty provides excellent service – and is successful.